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SelfMadeHero publishes ground-breaking and beautiful graphic novels from across the globe, from the quirky and humorous to the political and profound.

The publisher's list of acclaimed graphic novels includes Seconds by Bryan Lee O'Malley, The Sculptor by Scott McCloud and The Nao of Brown by Glyn Dillon, among many other books.

 Releases for 2016 includeIrmina by Barbara Yelin, An Olympic Dream by Reinhard Kleist and Munch by Steffen Kverneland.

Follow SelfMadeHero on Twitter: @selfmadehero.

Richard Carrington


In 2015, Rich Carrington began writing and drawing his first comic book The Guys and released it online. The super hero comedy about a bunch of irresponsible slackers who get super powers that they don’t know what to do with is somewhere between a love letter to and a pastiche of classic Silver Age comics and proved so successful with audiences that the first three issues were collected and printed in an omnibus edition. Featuring such classic villains as Professor Powers, The Prober and The Madman Man Hunstman, The Guyslovingly and irreverently pokes fun at the super hero genre.

A fourth issue was then released late in 2015 in which The Guys face the terror of the telepathic tubbster Mind-O and the comics were then reviewed on the bleedingcool website which said “[The Guys] grows in confidence and storytelling ability with each new issue and is certainly worth looking at.”

Rich will be proudly launching his new comic The Claws for the first time at the Shrewsbury comic festival. A seriously gripping comic, it looks at the aftermath of super villains uniting for the first time and looks at what happens next when the hero of the book gets killed on page 7 and the villains eventually win.

For more info, check out www.theguyscomic.com

Custom Cupcake Company

The Custom Cupcake Company specialise in cupcakes with a twist of sophistication and a sprinkle of elegance. The company is Warrington based and lovingly hand crafts every single cake to your specification. They provide the perfect unique gift, and are a truly memorable treat.
Hard work and dedication ensures the best cakes ever tasted, and are only baked to order within 12 hours of delivery so that the highest quality of product is guaranteed. The Custom Cupcake Company will create the perfect cakes whatever the event and can provide for gluten free, vegan and diabetic palates - simply phone or email with your requirements. Delivery is free to the Warrington area and the company runs 7 days a week to ensure the perfect cupcakes on the exact day. No order is too large or small.

The cupcakes are made with the freshest possible ingredients - all of which are organic, free range and child friendly. No additives or preservatives are used whatsoever, and each cake will reach the customer in the shortest time possible - even warm from the oven wherever possible. The cakes can be tailored to individual palates and specific dietary requirements are also looked after, whether that is vegan, diabetic or gluten free. The Custom Cupcake Company believes that nobody should miss out on wonderful cakes. Cake stands are available for events, and boxes can be personalised for weddings and corporate functions.

Jake Dudas


Jake Dudas is a trainee graphic designer who likes to draw and make things. He's a self published comic creator whose books 'To the Waters and the Wild' and 'The Cornwall Narwhal' have had some absolutely lovely things said about them. 

"Both really beautiful and really creepy"

CJ Reay, Travelling Man

"Dudas explores that disintegrating connection between mother and child with a fearful poignancy."

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

‘Dudas has a lovely tone to his storytelling, never too wordy, each line chosen well, each page well told’

Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet

Fanfare Presents


Born on the 4th of July 1997 from the ashes of a career in comics stretching back to the 60’s, Fanfare Presents encompasses all the fun of owner Stephen Robson’s life and brings it to the Shrewsbury Fields Forever Comic Art Festival for you to enjoy. 

7” vinyls from 60’s and 70’s including the Rolling Stones first ever release ‘Come On’. Unique T’s showcasing Italian design of US and Japanese icons. Attentive and thought provoking books from his own publishing Ponent Mon and fun ones and pretty ones from his friends at KnockaboutThe Book Palace and more. Julian Murphy’s erotic guitar pins, tattoo books, jewellery, mugs, toys, bags, towels, games, fleece blankets, sleeping bags – everything you could need at a festival including the soap! All with a Fanfare Presents twist of course. 

So drop into the Comic Art pavilion on site and enjoy all this and lots more from a host of exhibitors happy to be part of your weekend’s pleasure

Frisson Comics


Frisson Comics is a Liverpool based independent comics label founded by Thomas Smith (Writer) and Katie Whittle (Illustrator).

We specialise in horror themed work and recently had our first book funded by Kickstarter 'Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints'.

Check out our site www.Frissoncomics.wordpress.com for current projects.

House Of Jumble & The Comic Vault




House of Jumble and The Comic Vault are a local retailer from Wem in Shropshire.

They are Traders of original comics such as The Dandy, Marvel, DC, Indie, The Beano, Spiderman, Batman, & many more


Sonia Leong

Sweatdrop Studios


Sonia Leong is a multiple-award winning Manga creator based in the UK. Her best-sellers include Manga Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Draw Manga: Complete Skills and Manga Your World, sold worldwide and in numerous editions and languages.


She has worked for Tokyopop, Self Made Hero, Image Comics, Hachettes, VIZ Media, Titan Comics, Walker Books, Search Press and many more across the comic book industry, children's books, educational publishing, periodicals, television and advertising.


Most recently, her work has been seen in Marie Claire magazine, CNN's Formula 1 coverage, Channel 4's dark comedy Flowers, and Toyota GB's promotional images for the Aygo and the GT86. She is also the Company Secretary of Sweatdrop Studios, a comic collaborative and independent publisher of Manga. She is currently working on her original illustrated fantasy novel series, the Chronicles Of Ciel.


Visit her website at: http://fyredrake.net/

Level 8 Comics with Jon Laight


Jon Laight is a comic writer and creator working under the Level 8 Comics banner and is a member of the Close 2 Immortality comic collective which brings together creators so they can support, promote and develop small press comics from around the world.


The Brethren Born comic series is Jon's flagship project but is currently writing for several comic anthologies (Comichaus, British Showcase Anthology, Sliced Quarterly) as well as the "AWAY" graphic novel being published by Markosia Enterprises.  Jon lives in Worcestershire, has a beautiful wife and two children and is doing his best not to be 40.


Check out the website at: www.level8comics.com  
Space Babe 113



Space Babe 113 is the creation of small-press comic artist John Maybury - one result of his search for minimalist character designs. The absurdist, surreal, adult sci-fi adventures of Space Babe (accompanied by her artificially intelligent talking knickers) have appeared in various comics and formats and was one of the five short listed for the 2010 Eagle award for Best British Black And White comic.

John also edited and contributed to The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton, an unusual anthology that uses faux newspaper strips to chronicle the story of an obsessive collector.

His latest comic, Believe IT OR Bullsh IT is a mockumentary dealing with a sinister conspiracy surrounding a pulp writer’s story. Various fictional pulps, newspaper strips and comics and their creators are featured.

Web address: http://www.spacebabe113.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Space-Babe-113/180907418654001

Tight Trash Accessories


Tight Trash create unique and quirky jewellery as well as customised shoes! All jewellery is handcrafted exclusively in the UK and all shoes are carefully hand painted by GlumCandy, the designer and owner. 

Tight Trash accessories are inspired by horror, pin up fashion, retro games , comic books, mermaids, unicorns ,candy and junk food!

Find them on Facebook: Tight Trash Accessories
Instagram: @TightTrash
Twitter: @GlumCandy
Website: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TightTrash

Word For Word Bible Comic

This is a word-for-word graphic novel series of the best selling book of all time, but it's not just completely unabridged it's also historically accurate! All the chariots, pottery, weapons and armour, even the landscapes are specific to the period and region. 

The first book is set in the late Bronze age, so it's a lot like 300 with lots of battles, blood and betrayals. It is therefore aimed at an audience of adults and late teens. 

The first instalment in the series is The Book of Judges. Below is an introduction to what it is all about...
"Ancient fortresses now lie in ruins and temples to dark entities have been torn down. In battle after battle God has smashed the enemies of His holy nation and they have, at last, taken the promised land. But now His chosen people have turned their back on Him. Forgetting the great waters that parted before them and the massive city walls that shattered at their call, they leave God's way in the dirt and try to live life by their own rules. These dark centuries are a spiral of temptation, greed, lust, betrayal and tragedy. However, ordinary men like Samson and Gideon are called by an angel of heaven and given divine powers to turn the tide and save the people from annihilation. Although, it seems that even these heroes are not free from corruption."

See the video and more at www.wordforwordbiblecomic.com